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Learn Music in a Comfortable Environment

There are a number of reasons why group classes may be beneficial. In particular, this style of learning is effective if you are new to music or would not be comfortable with private lessons. Here at Park Cities School of Music, we aim to teach students of all experience and comfort levels. Since we realized that every student learns a little differently, we offer group classes which meet their varying needs.

Group classes we offer are:

In group classes, we teach:

  • Rhythm
  • Beginning music theory
  • Familiarity and development

We keep students interested by playing musical games and teaching classic children’s songs that most individuals are likely very familiar with. Many students find that our group classes help them to overcome shyness. The group setting allows students to socialize and interact musically with others. If you are interested in enrolling in our classes, call us at (214) 504-2700 today!

  • Highly trained and experienced instructors (all levels)
  • Private and/ or Group Classes offered daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly (in-school or in-home)
  • In-Home Lessons
  • Multi-instrumental instructors available (we teach 15 different instruments)
  • Instrument Rentals Available
  • Music Therapy & Customizable Curriculums for all levels
  • Online Classes Offered
  • Creative Learning Program for ages 2-5
  • Lessons for Adults
  • Full equipped studios with Pianos and other Instruments

Would you like to enroll your child in one of our summer camp programs? If so, please call us today at (214) 504-2700!

Park Cities School of Music

Have you been looking for music lessons for your child? If so, turn to a trusted music school that has a reputation of offering well-balanced instruction from highly trained and experienced teachers. At Park Cities School of Music, we offer a comprehensive list of music lessons to children of all ages throughout the Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Lakewood, and other surrounding communities. We strive to provide students with a variety throughout their learning experience here at our school. Call us at (214) 504-2700 to request more information!
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