10 Reasons Your Child Needs Summer Lessons!

As Park Cities School of Music wraps up its spring semester, we’ll be quickly moving into summer classes! You’ve heard us talk about the different camps we offer, but why exactly is it important that music education and practice continue into the summer?

1) Summertime means no school!

During the summer, students can focus on practicing their favorite pieces without the added stress of school. There’s less worry about fitting in practice time along with schoolwork or extracurricular activities!

2) Practicing is a great pastime!

You might notice that kids tend to watch a lot more television or play a lot more video games than they do during the school year! Sure, summer allows for more fun activities like that, but practicing a musical instrument is a great way to have fun while also keeping your mind sharp! Students can have fun playing around on their instruments and keep their brains engaged.

3) More time to learn new skills!

Summer allows for more creativity to flow — students actually have the time to practice more and will want to learn new methods! Practicing can be much more effective over the summer as students are generally doing it on their own accord. They’re able to discover their new favorite things about their instruments!

4) Taking summer off can send you backwards.

If they don’t practice over the summer, students will often suffer by forgetting pieces they’ve already learned or losing skills they’ve recently developed! This can later cause you to waste time re-learning things when school gets back in or cause students to be upset with their lack of progress!

5) Without summer classes, you’re less likely to practice.

Sure students might pick up their instruments to practice once or twice, but without the guidelines of taking actual classes, students are much less likely to practice! When you don’t have a goal you’re working towards like showing progress to a teacher or performing for an audience, you’re less likely to have useful practice sessions.

6) Weeks of not practicing leads to loss of skill.

Not only does not practicing lead to a loss of skills you’ve learned in private lessons, but it can affect your playing in group settings as well! While students usually learn solo pieces with their private teachers, they’re also playing in orchestras and ensembles at school. Loss of skill can affect those around you too! You might get back to your orchestra class and realize you haven’t improved, and maybe even moved backwards!

7) Your teacher can likely devote more time!

During the school year, teachers are often swamped with students and don’t have as much time as they’d like to devote to each individual student! Because you’re choosing to continue lessons over the summer, it’s likely that they’ll be able to give even more attention and care to your student and they can improve rapidly over the summer months!

8) Parents can be more involved too!

During the summer, it’s hard for parents to juggle school and extracurriculars too! But without school responsibilities, parents can be more involved in encouraging students to practice as well as providing an audience for those practice sessions to increase confidence!

9) Your teachers are excited to work over the summer!

Teachers can often find themselves looking for work over the summer as it’s usually the time for a drop in sign-ups and lesson scheduling. They’ll be excited to know that you’re committed to learning over the summer and will be excited to be able to continue teaching during what is usually a slow time!

10) Most accomplished musicians took summer lessons. 

Your favorite musicians, be it classical or modern, probably didn’t stop practicing just because summer rolled around. Even your teacher likely didn’t stop practicing over the summer! When you’re dedicated to music and your specific instrument, the learning doesn’t stop just because school did!

Practicing and taking lessons over the summer can have so many benefits, and that’s why we’ve got a special summer deal! All PCSM students are required to take six summer classes, but if you choose to go above and beyond and take 7 classes, we’ll give the 8th to you for free! This includes group classes, private classes, and our Kid’s Club Creative Learning Program! Check out more details about what’s going on in the summer here.

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