Our creative and original art classes offer fun atmosphere, where kids gain knowledge about art history, rules of drawing, and discover their own ability to express themselves through art. Thanks to our small group classes, our students learn social skills by working in groups and helping one another, all while focusing on creating and crafting their own art.

Young Picassos (Ages: 3 – 4 Years) 60min

Young Picassos is for 3 & 4 year old students will be introduced to art hands on. In these classes students learn different textures, and are exposed to multiple types of media. They will be working with elements such as clay, paper, and tempera paint.

Art 57 (Ages: 5 – 7 Years) 60min

Art 57 is for students between ages 5 & 7 to continue to play with various media, learn basic drawing technique and sculpture. They also begin working with pastels and watercolor paints. The students will also be learning printmaking and many more fun projects will be introduced in the classes.

Art 810 (Ages: 8 – 10 Years) 90min

Art 810 is for students between ages 8 & 10 gain deeper knowledge in art history as well as the rules in drawing and painting. These classes are for students who are familiar with different kinds of media and have worked with pastels and watercolors.

Art 1114 (Ages: 11 – 14 Years) 90min

Art classes for students at the ages between age 11-14 continue deepening the knowledge of art history as well as the rules of drawing and painting.

Art 1518 (Ages: 15 – 18 Years) 90min

Art classes for students who are in the group age 15-18 will be taught more advanced techniques of drawing and painting. They also get to deepen their art history knowledge and increase their own artistic nature and style.

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