Audition Etiquette

This coming weekend, at Park Cities School of Music in Dallas, TX, we will be casting our kids in a video remake of Michael Jackson’s “Heal The World”. This will be the perfect opportunity for them to begin practicing something that every performer has to face: auditions. Many people think that a successful audition is only a matter of being talented enough for the gig or not. This is very untrue. Auditioning is a skill that a lot of very talented people may not have developed.

Whenever we walk into an audition room, we need to think in terms of presenting a total picture. This includes our appearance, attitude, musicianship, preparation, communication, and connection to the music that we are performing. All of these things, added together, creates the complete package of how we come across. At Park Cities School of Music in Dallas, TX, we stress great musicianship. Our students will automatically do well here. It’s the other pieces of the picture that we need to polish.

Before you play a note for anyone, they see you. And this is where your audition begins. What you wear sends a message about how seriously you take your art and, indirectly, how prepared you are. The first thing that you need to consider is your audience and what you are auditioning for. Your goal is to impress the panel and give them a very clear idea about how you should be casted. No guessing. Is this an occasion to be casual or formal? What is your character? What kind of music will you be presenting? All of these questions should be answered when choosing an appropriate audition look.

In addition to this is attitude. The performer sets the tone for the mood inside of the audition room. If you come in nervous, the panel will be nervous for you. If you come in unenthusiastic, the panel will be not be enthusiastic about listening to you. Take a moment, before you arrive, to take some deep breaths and do whatever it is to help you feel calm, excited, and ready to perform. At Park Cities School of Music in Dallas,TX, we aim to always have a welcoming, safe environment for our students to do their their best work. There’s no need to feel frightened about performing for us. We’re rooting for you!

These are some very quick pointers going into the upcoming week of audition preparation. I hope it’ll be helpful. We are looking forward to hearing each and every one of you.

Ebonee Davis, PCSM Vocal & Piano Master Teacher

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