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The Purpose and Importance of Music Education for Young Children

Music education is vitally important and helpful in the development of babies, toddlers, and young children. Studies have shown that exposing children to music, as early as possible, helps to build imagination, language development, as well as social and emotional awareness. Music even helps to build new neurological pathways in the brains of young children.

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Performance Experience and the Developing Singer

As a budding singer, it is extremely important to get as much performance experience as possible. Here at Park Cities School of Music in Dallas TX, we strive to provide as much of this to our students as possible. Whether it is one of our two recitals per year, open mic night, or our stage

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Young Voices and Appropriate Repertoire

We live in a time where pop music is the standard. Kids listen to artists like Adele, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and they wish to emulate exactly what’s on the radio. And while at the ages of 5-16 our talented children may match pitch and have a lovely, clear vocal timbre,

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Recitals — Why They Matter

Recitals are a lot of things — nerve-wracking, exciting, etc. But most of all, they’re important. Recitals can be the bane of a musician’s existence — worried about performing correctly or well can be pretty stressful. However, there’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment after a recital! You’ll always be thankful you chose to participate in a

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Picasso Meets Mozart!

Gearing up for the end of school and choosing summer camps for your kids can be difficult. There are several topics and activities you may want to cover, and our Picasso Meets Mozart camp is perfect for those who want to explore multiple mediums! The camp is intended for ages 3 to 5 year olds,

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