Building Relationships Between Teachers, Students, and Their Families

Here at Park Cities School of Music in Dallas, TX, we pride ourselves on having great relationships with our students and their families. It is so important to build a good level of trust, comfort, and security when working with young musicians. Artistic development is a vulnerable, life long process that could drastically be hindered if the right relationships are never established between students and teachers.

Let’s begin with the obvious: music lessons require you to work one-on-one with an instructor. It is also true, particularly at Park Cities School of Music in Dallas, that this is often done in a smaller space. In order to absorb as much as you can, it’s mandatory that students are in an environment where they can relax and concentrate solely on music. It is up to the teacher to set that atmosphere and create a bond of trust with each student. Teachers must always be approachable, empathetic, and flexible in order to demonstrate that their studio is a safe place where experimentation and education can take place simultaneously.

The families of student musicians are so important in that they help to keep accountability as to whether or not the student is practicing properly at home. They are also able to provide a level of encouragement and reward that simply can’t be provided in a single, weekly lesson. It’s so important that teachers check in with parents, after every lesson, so that they know exactly how and what a student should be practicing. At Park Cities School of Music in Dallas, TX, we establish this rapport immediately. We need our students’ families to be completely involved in the development process so that they can stay engaged long term.

Ebonee Davis

PCSM Master Teacher

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