Soprano, Alto,Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, Piano, Organ, Flute, Trombone, Composition

Forrest Davis Jr. received his Bachelor Degree in music from Dallas Baptist University. His instrument concentration is saxophone. He teaches soprano, alto, and tenor saxophone.


Additionally, Mr. Davis teaches beginner trumpet, piano, organ, clarinet, flute, and trombone. He is a band director as well as group instructor. As a private lessons teacher,  he encourages all students to learn to read the music as well as ear training.


His ultimate goal is for his students to develop the confidence and understanding of the music to the point that they are able to go before a group and give an exceptional performance. He recorded many CDs and performs with many bands in DFW Metroplex. Among Mr. Forrest’s many talents, he also specializes in teaching special needs students.

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