Best Music schools in Dallas
Park Cities School of Music
7979 Inwood Rd., Suite 113, Dallas, TX 75209 | (214) 455 1477
Best Music schools in Dallas
Park Cities School of Music
7979 Inwood Rd., Suite 113, Dallas, TX 75209 | (214) 455 1477

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Little Singers; Ages 3-5 Years

If your child loves to sing but is a little shy or is not quite ready for private lessons, the Little Singers group lesson may be the right fit. The owner of PCSM, Eva Brandys, developed the curriculum, it is designed to introduce young children to fundamentals of singing. The Little Singers Class is a program in which children will sing solos, sing in a choir, learn fundamental musical concepts, use the microphone, and play musical games. Classes will have a variety of performance opportunities. The children will learn:

  • Beginning music theory
  • Eurhythmics
  • Become familiar with the piano (which is extremely important in the development of music knowledge/comprehension).

They will also learn many classic children’s songs, play musical games, learn rhythm through music, and get some exercise. This class is a great way to help overcome some shyness and help your child socialize with other children.

Age range from 3-5 years old | Class lasts 45 minutes

Call us to find out about class schedule 214.455.1477 
We offer Little Singers classes at the PCSM location or at student’s house!

Instrument Explorers; Ages 2-5 Years

Park Cities School Of Music wants to provide a fun and enriching environment for your child’s first experience with music. The Little Mozart Music Class gives young children the opportunity to learn fundamental musical concepts, explore sounds of music from around the world, and experience REAL music instruments. This class is for children ages 2-5 with no musical experience needed. It is ideal for children who would like to explore a variety of different instruments. This course, in its entirety, runs for 2 years (4 semesters). The owner of PCSM, Eva Brandys, developed the curriculum and it is designed to introduce young children to fundamental musical principles and all of the instruments. We want our students to play real instruments! Every week, students will have the opportunity to explore, study, and play many instruments during the class. The goal is for students to be introduced to every instrument of the orchestra. In addition to instrument exploration, music theory and history are included in the curriculum. Weekly class is 45 minutes long, and the children spend time singing, dancing, playing instruments, and making crafts. Not only does PCSM provide a fun learning environment, we also strive to help children grow socially.

Topics Explored: Basic Musical Concepts, Note Values and Rest Values, The Grand Staff, Keyboard Exploration, Eurhythmics.

Instruments Explored: Piano; String Family (violin, viola, cello, string bass, harp);Percussion Family (xylophone, glockenspiel, drums); Rock Instruments (acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, drums); Woodwind and Brass family, Instruments from around the world.

Age range from 2-5 years old | Class lasts 45 minutes

Call us to find out about class schedule 214.455.1477
We offer Instruments Explorers classes at the PCSM location or at student’s house! 

Baby, Music, and Me; Ages 4-18 Months

Our school has always been proud to offer a quality music education to students of all ages, and our “Baby Music & Me” classes are no exception! By their very developmental nature, infants are sponges, taking in everything in their environment such as the building blocks of language, facial expressions, and coordination of their bodies as a whole. Research shows that musical training creates new pathways in the brain of toddlers.

In a class parents and babies learn rhymes, lullabies, floor and lap games, and action songs with instruments. It gives parents another form of communication with their infant and understanding fundamental part of their child development. “Baby Music & Me” classes help foster child’s development through the universal language of music. We also aim to make the classes a bonding experience for parent(s) and baby.

Age range from 4 months to 18 months | Class lasts 30 minutes

Call us to find out about class schedule 214.455.1477
We offer Baby Music & Me classes at the PCSM location or at student’s house!


PCSoM orchestral program provides students from kindergarten through 12th grade with an unparalleled music experience! Students are exposed to orchestral literature at the earliest of ages and are able to grow through a comprehensive program. Students are given the chance to perform in many of community performance venues. PCSoM Chamber Orchestra focuses on teaching the basics of reading music and playing in an ensemble setting. The enrollment is kept smaller to facilitate a closer teacher and student relationship. Conductor stresses concepts such as recognition of pitch, rhythmic accuracy, and basic ensemble skills.

Please call 214.455.1477 to inquire about rehearsal times. 


PCSOM Choir provides high quality singing instructions. It offers children the opportunity to study and perform traditional and experimental forms of choral music.

Please call 214.455.1477 to inquire about rehearsal times.

  • Highly trained and experienced instructors (all levels)
  • Private and/ or Group Classes offered daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly (in-school or in-home)
  • In-Home Lessons
  • Multi-instrumental instructors available (we teach 15 different instruments)
  • Instrument Rentals Available
  • Music Therapy & Customizable Curriculums for all levels
  • Online Classes Offered
  • Creative Learning Program for ages 2-5
  • Lessons for Adults
  • Full equipped studios with Pianos and other Instruments

Would you like to enroll your child in one of our summer camp programs? If so, please call us today at (214) 455-1477!

Park Cities School of Music

Have you been looking for music lessons for your child or yourself? If so, turn to a trusted music school that has a reputation of offering well-balanced instruction from highly trained and experienced teachers. At Park Cities School of Music, we offer a comprehensive list of music lessons to children of all ages and adults throughout the Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Lakewood, and other surrounding communities. We strive to provide students with a variety throughout their learning experience here at our school. Call us at (214) 455-1477 to request more information!

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A brief update from Park Cities School of Music regarding the continuation of lessons as we work to protect our faculty, students and families from the COVID-19. Our priority has always been, and will continue to be, to provide top quality music education in a safe and secure environment.

While Park Cities School of Music will continue to provide lessons to students in-person at our physical location, please be advised we are taking every opportunity to clean and sanitize our facility, studios and instruments. Understandably, if you feel more comfortable taking your lesson from the comfort of your home, PCSM can provide an online class for you in place of your usual in-person lesson.

Students coming to PCSM should be prepared to arrive a few minutes early in order to wash their hands with soap and water provided in the restrooms prior to their lesson. Faculty have been advised to wash their hands between each student, as well as wipe down any keyboards used between lessons. PCSM underwent a deep cleaning yesterday, as it does weekly; however, we will be increasing the cleaning of the facility during the coming weeks in an effort to keep germs to a minimum.

The PCSM Calendar will continue as planned. Online, at your home, or PCSM studio lessons will resume on March 23. We want to maintain regular schedule as much as possible.


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