Guitar Camps with Greg Ray


This summer, Park Cities School of Music in Dallas will be offering two guitar camps taught by Greg Ray! The first, called Guitar Camp, will be for ages 6 to 9 years old. Students will be able to learn basic and advanced skills on the guitar from chords, single note melodies, and reading guitar tabs to music theory, ensemble placing, and even the history of the guitar itself!

Our Guitar Band Camp, for ages 10-14, will have students forming their own bands! Students will be able to join one another in an ensemble and learn guitar skills and how to play with one another. Learning how to play instruments alongside others helps students hone their music skills and can aid in learning about other avenues of music including theory and composition. Summer camps like these can keep your kids’ music skills sharp while throwing more excitement and fun into the mix!

Please consider joining us to learn more about the guitar and music in general! You can take a look at our other summer camps here.

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