Instrument Explorers: Ages 2-5 Years

Park Cities School Of Music wants to provide a fun and enriching environment for your child’s first experience with music. The Little Mozart Music Class gives young children the opportunity to learn fundamental musical concepts, explore sounds of music from around the world, and experience REAL music instruments.

This class is for children ages 2-5 with no musical experience needed. It is ideal for children who would like to explore a variety of different instruments. This course, in its entirety, runs for 2 years (4 semesters). The owner of PCSM, Eva Brandys, developed the curriculum and it is designed to introduce young children to fundamental musical principles and all of the instruments. We want our students to play real instruments! Every week, students will have the opportunity to explore, study, and play many instruments during the class. The goal is for students to be introduced to every instrument of the orchestra. In addition to instrument exploration, music theory and history are included in the curriculum. Weekly class is 45 minutes long, and the children spend time singing, dancing, playing instruments, and making crafts. Not only does PCSM provide a fun learning environment, we also strive to help children grow socially.

Topics Explored: Basic Musical Concepts, Note Values and Rest Values, The Grand Staff, Keyboard Exploration, Eurhythmics.

Instruments Explored: Piano; String Family (violin, viola, cello, string bass, harp);Percussion Family (xylophone, glockenspiel, drums); Rock Instruments (acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, drums); Woodwind and Brass family, Instruments from around the world.

Age range from 2-5 years old | Class lasts 30 minutes

Class Schedule:

Thursday 11:00 AM

Saturday 9:30 AM

Call us to find out about class schedule 214.455.1477
We offer Instruments Explorers classes at the PCSM location or at student’s house!

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