iPad Composition Summer Camp

Park Cities School of Music’s (located in Dallas, TX) composition summer camp offers students the chance to compose music on iPads, tablets, or laptops using Garage Band while also having access to the instrument of their choice! They’ll learn how to arrange music and compose like their favorite songwriters and performers! At the end of the camp, Park Cities School of Music will host performances where each student will play their song and receive a recording of it to take home!

Learning composition is an opportunity that many young musicians are not able to indulge in, making this camp a rare opportunity! Students ages 10 to 16 will be able to take the lessons they learn here and apply it to all areas of music.

Composition skills can also help students in other areas of life, as it teaches one to combine tradition and originality in the same setting. Writing and creating music can teach students to be more creative and forward-thinking in other aspects of life. Composing can help students master the fundamentals and logic of music while helping them acquire problem-solving skills inside and outside of the music world.

You can find more details on this camp and our other summer camps right here!

Park Cities Music School is located at 7979 Inwood Rd., Suite 113 Dallas, TX 75209. Call us at (214) 455-1477 for details on lessons or summer camps!

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