Jimin Lim

Violin, Viola, Cello, Beginner Piano, Early Childhood Music Classes

Violinist Jimin Lim joins Dallas Symphony for the 2023-2024 Season. She comes from Nashville Symphony, where she has played with the second violin section since 2017 and as acting associate principal second this past season. She has also performed with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Atlanta Symphony Orchestra as a substitute player.

A native of Busan, South Korea, Lim was born into a musical family and began her violin studies at age 6. She has received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Violin Performance from Korean National University of the Arts, where she studied with the late Nam-Yun Kim. In addition, she holds Performance Diplomas in both solo and orchestral studies from Indiana University, where she studied with Alexander Kerr.

As an educator, Ms. Lim is deeply committed to the transformative potential of music. She prioritizes fostering holistic development in her students. Beyond honing technical skills, she strives to cultivate creativity, expression, and confidence in each individual. Understanding that every student’s musical journey is unique, she tailors her teaching approach to accommodate their specific needs and interests. Ms. Lim firmly believes that honoring and supporting the personal growth of each learner is essential in nurturing a lifelong love and appreciation for music.

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