Master Teacher Blog: Collaboration with Other Artists

The faculty here at Park Cities School of Music in Dallas, Texas is full of very talented musicians who will be collaborating together in a recital on November 9, 2019. We will all be working together to create music in benefit for the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance. Each of us continues to grow in our individual crafts, but we also enjoy the advantages that come with joining forces with other artists.

Making music in ensemble with other people has so many benefits. Regular participation in musical collaborations has been shown to support social and emotional well being, it reinforces the skills learned in lessons, builds confidence, and it provides ample motivation to practice and improve on the artist’s individual instrument. While in piano lessons, here at Park Cities School of Music in Dallas, Texas, we start this process by often playing with our students to push them along in the areas of reading skills and counting rhythm. This provides a good challenge and barometer for how well the student has mastered their assigned pieces.

Watching the faculty of Park Cities School of Music in Dallas, Texas perform together is a wonderful way to provide inspiration and motivation for current, former, and future students. Witnessing the skill that it takes to perform solo, versus the challenge of collaboration, will hopefully be a motivator for young musicians in the audience. This is also a great time to discover new repertoire, ask questions, and refocus on preparing for their own recital in December.

Ebonee Davis

PCSM Master Teacher

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