Music Therapy Program

Support Your Child in Pursuing His or Her Interests


At Park Cities School of Music, we are committed to delivering quality music instruction to young and adults individuals. As such, we provide one-on-one curriculum for children and adults with special needs as well. Our school of music believes that everyone should have equal access to education opportunities and created this program to offer a unique, individualized approach to Dallas music lessons. We accept students with special needs including ADHD, ADD, Asperger’s syndrome, down syndrome, and autism, just to name a few. Our teachers will work individually with your child and utilize our special curricula developed specifically to build their skills and confidence. If you would like to learn more about our special needs program, please contact our school at (214) 455-1477 today!

Our special needs program was designed to:
  • Exercise competence in music
  • Build self-esteem and confidence
  • Act as an advocate to students
  • Provide active involvement in student’s life


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What Is Music Therapy

Music therapy is a powerful, non-invasive, and non-pharmacological medium capable of unique outcomes. It is accessible to all and can be used with individuals, groups, or families. Clients need no prior music training to receive services but benefit by active engagement in the therapeutic process that may include creating, learning, listening to, or performing music.

Neurologic Music Therapy

Neurologic music therapy (NMT) is an advanced form of music therapy that utilizes evidence-based techniques to treat the brain. These techniques emphasize the use of music and rhythm to achieve non-musical goals in the areas of cognition, physical movement, and speech. Research has demonstrated that music and rhythm affects multiple areas of the brain simultaneously, and the brain that engages in music is actually changed by that engagement. Music can help build new neural connections in the brain through experience and exposure, thus improving rehabilitative potential and the ability of the brain to “rewire” itself after trauma or injury, allowing individuals to lead more productive and functional lives.

Creative Arts Therapy

Creative arts therapy is a therapeutic discipline that utilizes creative arts. Generally, creative arts is the expression of one’s self through art, dance, drama, writing, and music. In most instances, artists tend to focus more on the final product as opposed to those participating in creative arts therapy, where the focus is on the process which promotes growth, development, and healing.

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