General Manager

Sumeyye ``Sumi`` Donmez

Sumeyye “Sumi” Donmez is a passionate and driven individual currently pursuing a degree in Communications at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). Hailing from the vibrant city of Houston, Texas, Sumi has always had a natural curiosity for the world and a deep appreciation for human connections. Sumi’s love for travel and photography has been a constant source of inspiration in her life. Beyond her love for exploration and photography, Sumi’s heart lies in helping others. She firmly believes that making a positive impact in the lives of those around us is one of life’s greatest joys. Sumi’s ultimate aspiration is to become an inspirational TED Talk speaker, where she can share her message of finding one’s way and knowing that they are not alone. She envisions a future where her insights and experiences can inspire and empower others on their journeys. To Sumi, traveling is more than just visiting new locations; it’s about opening doors to different worlds, understanding diverse cultures, and embracing the beauty of our global community. With her pursuit of a degree in Communications, Sumi aims to amplify her ability to connect with people, share stories, and make a difference in the world.

Office Assistant (Virtual)

Dagmara Kusak

Dagmara lives in Cracow, Poland but she grew up in a quaint countryside. She completed her degree in Biology studies at Jagiellonian University, specializing in neuroscience. Her interest areas include the fashion industry, as she is employed by a Polish clothing brand, social media marketing, and chronobiology. Among her many hobbies, traveling is her greatest passion, though she also enjoys skiing, swimming, yoga, and mountain hiking. Her dream is to never stop exploring the world, improving herself, and expanding her knowledge.

Since high school, she’s been helping her mother in her small shop. During this time, she has trained her customer service skills and developed her organizational abilities. Her work values are integrity, kindness, and good communication with clients. Dagmara supervises our schools’ office and social media accounts.

Facilities Coordinator

Anar Aliyev

Anar Aliyev, husband of Eva Brandys, owner of Park Cities School of Music, Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts and Dallas Heritage Academy. Mr. Aliyev is a qualified civil engineer with nineteen years of work experience in Socar Oil and Gas Company. He has experience managing large projects and teams. Since last eight years Mr. Aliyev has been involved in life of schools and has been right hand of Mrs. Brandys. Mr. Aliyev along with his full-time job is woking as PCSM/LCFA Facilities Coordinator and helps Mrs Brandys with all duties that need immediate attention. He supports his wife in the endeavor to build the best Fine Arts and Music Education School program in Dallas Metroplex.

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