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Musical Education in Dallas, TX

When you are choosing to enroll your children in a music school, it is important to choose one with exceptional instructors, a wide range of instrument options, and a positive reputation in the community. At Park Cities School of Music, we are pleased to offer you Dallas music lessons and more. We take your child’s musical education very seriously and only hire the very best, highly-esteemed teachers to educate them. Every single one of our teachers is a professional music educator and accomplished musician. We ensure that our faculty has extensive teaching experiences, in order to provide your child with effective and enjoyable experiences.

A Master Teacher: is a teacher who has worked with PCSM for at least 4 years. A Master Teacher has at least a Master Degree in teaching/performing, or many years of teaching and a performing career. They are best suited to teach advanced-intermediate and advanced students. Their expertise gives students the highest level of education. Master Teachers are highly involved in life of PCSM and they make sure to send their students to all possible performances, contests, and festivals. A Master Teacher is able to prepare their students to enter College Level auditions and to have them ready to enter University/ College.

We have a number of talented instructors here at our school:

Instruments & Specialties

Whether your child has already taken music lessons before or they are just starting their journey, this is the perfect place to begin. We can offer a number of instruments for your child to choose from. If they would like to learn more than one instrument, we can discuss this option as well.

The instruments and music lessons we offer include:

  • Highly trained and experienced instructors (all levels)
  • Private and/ or Group Classes offered daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly (in-school or in-home)
  • In-Home Lessons
  • Multi-instrumental instructors available (we teach 15 different instruments)
  • Instrument Rentals Available
  • Music Therapy & Customizable Curriculums for all levels
  • Online Classes Offered
  • Creative Learning Program for ages 2-5
  • Lessons for Adults
  • Full equipped studios with Pianos and other Instruments

If you would like to learn more about our faculty or the lessons we offer at Park Cities School of Music, call us at (214) 455-1477!

Park Cities School of Music

Have you been looking for music lessons for your child or yourself? If so, turn to a trusted music school that has a reputation of offering well-balanced instruction from highly trained and experienced teachers. At Park Cities School of Music, we offer a comprehensive list of music lessons to children of all ages and adults throughout the Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Lakewood, and other surrounding communities. We strive to provide students with a variety throughout their learning experience here at our school. Call us at (214) 455-1477 to request more information!
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