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Highly Trained and Experienced Music Teachers

At Park Cities School of Music, we go beyond just offering one-on-one music lessons, and offer a number of ways for your children to learn. Throughout our experience teaching students in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area, we have come to realize that every single student learns differently. We offer opportunities to learn one-on-one, in groups with other like-minded students, or even host birthday parties for a unique learning experience.

We offer the following programs:

  • Music lessonsWe offer music lessons from highly knowledgeable instructors for a wide variety of instruments, including violin, viola, guitar, and voice lessons. Our teachers are dedicated to helping your child learn the instrument they desire.
  • Group classesFor some students, especially those who are particularly shy or new to music, group classes may be more appropriate for learning. We offer a number of different group classes here at our facility.
  • Birthday party packagesOur special birthday party packages are popular with children of all ages. We can offer our birthday party activities at our beautiful facility or in the comfort of your own home, according to your preference.
  • Special needs children’s programIf your child has special needs, we have the program for them. Our teachers in the special needs children’s program are specially trained and experienced to help make your child’s experience positive.

Speak to Our Friendly Staff Members Today

Each one of our programs has its own benefits to fit each individual students’ interests. Would you like to learn more about the programs we offer and determine which is right for you or your child? Simply call our office today at (214) 455-1477 to speak to one of our knowledgeable faculty members! We look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to meet you very soon.

  • Highly trained and experienced instructors (all levels)
  • Private and/ or Group Classes offered daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly (in-school or in-home)
  • In-Home Lessons
  • Multi-instrumental instructors available (we teach 15 different instruments)
  • Instrument Rentals Available
  • Music Therapy & Customizable Curriculums for all levels
  • Online Classes Offered
  • Creative Learning Program for ages 2-5
  • Lessons for Adults
  • Full equipped studios with Pianos and other Instruments

Park Cities School of Music

Have you been looking for music lessons for your child or yourself? If so, turn to a trusted music school that has a reputation of offering well-balanced instruction from highly trained and experienced teachers. At Park Cities School of Music, we offer a comprehensive list of music lessons to children of all ages and adults throughout the Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Lakewood, and other surrounding communities. We strive to provide students with a variety throughout their learning experience here at our school. Call us at (214) 455-1477 to request more information!
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