Performance Experience and the Developing Singer

As a budding singer, it is extremely important to get as much performance experience as possible. Here at Park Cities School of Music in Dallas TX, we strive to provide as much of this to our students as possible. Whether it is one of our two recitals per year, open mic night, or our stage presence classes, we encourage our students to take advantage of every opportunity to get in front of an audience.

Because singing is such a personal talent, it is often very difficult to share that gift with confidence. In addition to this, the quality of a singer’s instrument is directly affected by whatever is happening with their bodies such as the symptoms of nervousness. This means that when our heart rate increases and breathing calmly becomes more difficult, our singing is compromised. The only way to overcome this hurdle is to get up and perform as much as possible. The more you become accustomed to singing in front of an audience, the less your body is affected.

Park Cities School of Music in Dallas TX provides multiple opportunities for our students to get up on stage. We have a monthly stage presence class that allows every student, regardless of skill level, to try new repertoire in a safe, friendly, educational environment. Students will also learn the mechanics of performance which will also alleviate a lot of anxiety. The best protection against stage fright is preparation.

Also, on the same weekends as stage presence class, Park Cities School of Music in Dallas TX has an open mic night held at Baked in Snyder Plaza, Dallas TX. This is the perfect chance to apply all of the things learned both in private lessons and stage presence class. Here at Park Cities School of Music in Dallas TX (PCSM), we are train complete performers. Private lessons are essential to musical development, but so is stage experience. I hope to see everyone signed up and participating in every opportunity to grow.

Ebonee Davis
Park Cities School of Music Vocal Master Teacher

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