Recitals — Why They Matter

Recitals are a lot of things — nerve-wracking, exciting, etc. But most of all, they’re important. Recitals can be the bane of a musician’s existence — worried about performing correctly or well can be pretty stressful. However, there’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment after a recital! You’ll always be thankful you chose to participate in a recital and feel like a better musician for doing so!

Recitals can serve as a tangible goal you’re working towards. Practicing and taking lessons without a goal can stunt your growth, but knowing you are working towards a certain performance on a certain date can kick your skills into gear! You’ll master pieces more quickly and have a much more impressive drive towards memorizing and playing a piece.

Recitals aren’t just for the performers, they’re for the parents too. Parents can show that they aren’t just in it for lessons, but to see the outcome and value of putting work in! Show your child that you value the music they practice and put time into. You’ll get to see your child perform outside of the distraction-filled environments you may normally be in. These performances can also show parents and students how far they’ve come since beginning lessons. Sometimes, it’s hard to mark your progress. You may feel like you aren’t much better than where you were months ago — but after performing, you’re able to get a tangible sense of just how much you’ve grown!

The nervousness is valuable too! Recitals remind students that it’s okay to feel nervous and it’s very normal! Being uncomfortable is part of being human, and the earlier they can conquer their nerves, the faster they can gain confidence in performing! This isn’t just for music either, students often have to speak during their recitals and name the piece they’ll be playing — this small part can also improve public speaking!

The final recital for Park Cities School of Music students will be taking place at CSL Dallas on Saturday, May 18th starting at 11:00AM.

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