Svetlana Ivanchenko was born in the Soviet Union. Wanted to be a musician since her childhood, so she started to learn piano at 7 years old with a big interest. She dedicated a lot of years studying at Music School, Music College and then Music University to become a professional musician. Svetlana got her Master Degree and started to teach students at Music College ( students from 16-21y.o) and Music School ( students from 5-16 y.o) as well in Russia. She was teaching in Russia for twenty years. She moved to the USA in 2008 and evaluated her diplomas, got another Master degree in the United States continuing teaching piano in her private music studio. She is also a professional accordionist. In 2012 she represented the United States at the International Competition in Rome, Italy, where 14 countries, such as Russia, Japan, France, China, Italy, Germany and many others sent their best musicians. Svetlana took 6th place in this competition,it was very good for the USA. After that performance the newspaper “Dallas Morning News” wrote a big article about Svetlana. As a performer, she played with some of the best musicians in the country such as Dallas Wings in Meyerson Concert Series, with the East Symphony Orchestra in Charlie Chaplin’s ”The Gold Rush”, as well as with the Oklahoma Philharmonic Society, playing ”Life of Pi” by Danna Machael, she performed at Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, where she was commissioned to premier a new oratorio ”Canticles: How. Can I Keep From Singing?” by Emmy-award winning composer Gary Fly.


Svetlana Ivanchenko is currently focusing on writing sacred music for American churches where she worked for 10 years and continues to work in Dallas Congregational Church as a solo pianist and Assistant Minister of Music since 2014. She has done videos of her own piano arrangements of hymns posted on her Youtube channel. Just last year she wrote more than 20 original arrangements and started looking for a publisher.


As a teacher, Svetlana says, ” My lessons for everyone who loves music”. Svetlana’s piano lessons are for all ages. She’s worked with young and old, from age 5 to 90, and each lesson is tailored to the student’s age and ability. She welcomes adults, who have never thought about piano lessons before for various reasons. ”I can prove that learning is not difficult – it’s interesting and fun! she tells us. “If an adult student is motivated and dreams about it, I can help them to play some of their favorite songs within two months. Svetlana also teaches many retirees, believing that learning any instrunet in senior years is vital to keeping engaged and continuing mental health. Meanwhile, for younger students, she prefers to start with classical piano technique. ” This approach allows for more comprehensive training in case the student wish to make a profession of music”, she explains.

You can learn more about Svetlana and her music on her Youtube channel. Just search for ”Svetlana Ivanchenko”.

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