The Importance of Mastering Performance as a Teacher

Here at Park Cities School of Music in Dallas, TX, we are all a faculty of accomplished performers as well as music educators. We take pride in continuing the development of our own crafts in addition to building the artistry of our students. We understand that music is a never ending and continuous journey. There’s never a time where you can say “I’ve perfected this. I know it all.”

I’ve heard the phrase “those who can’t do, teach”, and I must say that this is completely false when it comes to music. I’ll be the first to acknowledge that a large percentage of great performers are just not cut out to teach. Lots of people who perform masterfully cannot take what they know to do and break it down for another person in a way that would be helpful. And some simply don’t have the level of patience required to do the job. But I will say that the best teachers I’ve had, and that I know, are also great and accomplished musicians themselves. I’ve seen and heard my fellow faculty at Park Cities School of Music in Dallas, TX, and I know that the effectiveness that they have in lessons is due in large part to their own experience and level of music mastery.

As a performer myself, I am able to take the pitfalls, mistakes, and difficulties I’ve had growing and use it to help my students. I’m also able to recognize those same issues with my students and preempt them before they become too engrained. I’m also able to guide my kids through auditions, concerts, productions, etc. because I’ve already been in their shoes many times. I can help you walk through this because I’ve been there, too.

We at Park Cities School of Music in Dallas, TX also aspire to be examples to our students of what a high level of artistry and performance looks like. What better way is there to teach than to lead by example? That’s why we endeavor to provide our students with opportunities to learn from us, outside of the studio, by presenting concerts such as the one we will be doing on November 9 at Steinway Hall here in Dallas. The PCSM faculty will be coming together to present a beautiful concert of art song, opera, classsical music, etc. that we hope will be an inspirational and teachable moment for our students. This will be an opportunity to see ya all put into play the technique we talk about in lessons. Concerts and recitals are also a wonderful opportunity for young musicians to learn new repertoire that will inspire them to keep practicing so they, too, can perform one day. There’s also a level of respect, trust, and camaraderie that comes from knowing that your teacher has achieved exactly what you’re aiming for. We hope to see you all on November 9.

Ebonee Davis

PCSM Master Teacher

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