The Importance of Parental Encouragement of Regular Practice

At Park Cities School of Music in Dallas, TX, our students take weekly instrument lessons. Each teacher guides their students into understanding the fundamentals of how their instrument works as well as proper performance technique. As wonderful as our teachers are, the most growth will not occur in lessons. It will happen with at home practice.

It is important to realize that consistent repetition of the proper skills is what causes growth of any kind. Just as someone would need to exercise consistently to achieve any athletic goals, musicians need to do the same with their instruments. At Park Cities School of Music in Dallas, TX, we give our students weekly goals that they need to work towards in the time between each lesson. These weekly goals work cumulatively to build the foundation of solid musicianship.

It is very important that parents become involved in encouraging, and scheduling, practice time for their children. Not only does this help them achieve their musical goals, but also teaches them time management and the importance of sticking to a task. Although our students at Park Cities School of Music in Dallas, TX may love to come to lessons and play their instruments, they need to be guided in every phase of development. Practicing correctly is a skill that they need to learn. Parents can help them to do this by making an effort to know exactly what their children are working on and what are the exact goals their teacher has set for the week. By knowing this, parents can better discern whether or not their children are practicing effectively. There is nothing more fulfilling to a teacher than seeing our students grow and flourish. As important as we are in their musical growth, we still cannot do it alone. We need every parent to do their part in helping to create the next generation of amazing musicians.

Ebonee Davis, PCSM Vocal & Piano Master Teacher

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