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Student Tuition Rates and Policy

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LESSONS AT OUR SCHOOL Semester Tuition:S Fall | Spring  Annual Tuition
Annual Enrollment $40.00 existing students
$50.00 new students
30 minute lesson $810 $1620
45 minute lesson $1188 $2376
60 minute lesson $1566 $3132
LESSONS AT YOUR HOMESemester Tuition:S Fall | Spring Annual Tuition
Annual Enrollment$40.00 existing students
$50.00 new students
30 minute lesson$1188$2376
45 minute lesson$1566$3132
60 minute lesson$1890$3780
Annual Enrollment$75 new/ existing students  
30 minute lesson$55×4 = $22030 minute lesson$76×4 = $304
45 minute lesson$76×4 = $30445 minute lesson$97×4 = $388
60 minute lesson$97×4 = $38860 minute lesson$115×4= $460


  • Flex Plan is created for busy families and adults. You are not bound by a contract, there is no lesson number
    requirements, 48 hours cancelation without penalties.
  • Enrollment: New students must enroll before first lesson. Returning students must re-enroll before first lesson
    of Fall semester, annually. Annual enrollment is $75.00.
  • Tuition: Lessons are charged in advance. 4 Lesson Package Tuition must be used within 8 weeks from your purchase
    date. No refunds are given for unused lessons. Any unused lessons can be transferred towards your next
    purchase. Invoices for books, school events, DMTA, recital fees, and rental fees will be charged separately.


    • The Park Cities School of Music (PCSM) semester or annual tuition plan is based on (36) classes during the
      school year. The payment is due on 1st day of semester. SIX (6) Summer Lessons are mandatory. Total
      weeks per school year 42.
    • Summer Lessons: 6 Lessons are required to continue lessons with your current teacher.
    • Tuition: Lessons are charged in advance, you may pay by semester or annually.
    • Class Suspension: Classes will be suspended if payment is declined and card is not updated within 24 hours.
    • Lesson Cancellation Policy: Missed Lessons (Private Class): No refunds or credits will be given for classes
      missed. Students are ONLY eligible for TWO (2) make-up classes a semester. Make-up classes will be scheduled
      with your teacher for absences made with at least 24 hour notice/48 hour notice for Flex Plan. Make-ups are at
      the discretion of the teacher’s schedule. Cancellations made less than (24/48 Flex Plan) hours in advance will
      not be eligible for make-up. If the teacher cancels a lesson, he/she will promptly schedule a make-up
      lesson. Online lessons available as a form of make-up. Once a lesson is rescheduled, it can be cancelled, but it
      cannot be rescheduled again.
    • Lesson Cancellation Policy: Missed lessons (Group Class): No refunds or credits will be given for classes
      missed. It is not the responsibility of PCSM to make-up group class lessons. Students are ONLY eligible for a
      make-up class if the teacher cancels or the school closes due to extreme weather conditions.
    • Discontinue lessons: 30 Day WRITTEN notice via email is REQUIRED from the 1st of the month if you choose to
      stop lessons.
    • Invoices for books, school events, DMTA, recital fees, and rental fees will be sent separately and will be due
      with the next tuition payment.
    • Discounts: 5% discount for families with more than one student applies.
    • Enrollment: Each new returning student is required to enroll. New students must enroll before first lesson. Returning
      students must re-enroll before first lesson of Fall semester, annually. Annual enrollment is $40.00 for
      returning students and $50.00 for new students. $75
    • Lessons at the school: Students are expected to show up (5) minutes before their assigned lesson time prepared
      with appropriate books, writing utensils, and any other items assigned by the teacher. Note: Please wash
      hands before each lesson
    • Lessons at home: Lesson time starts (1) min after your teacher arrives. Students should be ready to play at
      their scheduled time. Due to traffic, we ask to please allow a 10-15 minute cushion when scheduling other activities
      around music lessons. The teacher, due to traffic, may arrive late at times but will still provide full lesson
      time to the student. Note: Please wash hands before each lesson
    • Late Arrivals: SCHOOL / HOME: The teacher will wait (15) minutes MAX while trying to contact you via
      phone & text message. If there is no contact made, then the teacher will leave after the (15) minutes, and the
      lesson will be considered a “No Show” to which there is no make-up lesson AND you will be charged for the lesson.
      If a student is late to the lesson, the teacher is only required to provide the lesson time that is left to that
      student. Please take under consideration that PCSM faculty teaches both at our school AND at students’ homes.
      Please pick up your child(ren) from our school on time as the teacher may need to leave immediately to get to
      their next appointment. If the teacher is required to wait for the student, a fee will be invoiced accordingly.
    • Receive a FREE lesson: Take advantage of our Referral Program & Spread the word about our music lessons to family, friends
      and neighbors. Be sure to let them know to mention you as they begin the enrollment process so that we know that you referred
      them to our school. Email our PCSM director, Eva Brandys
      (, noting which family you referred to us, and if one of them formally enrolls, you’ll receive a gift certificate for
      an extra 30min lesson.

QUESTIONS ABOUT TUITION & BILLING? Please contact office personnel at 214.455.1477
ACCEPTED PAYMENT OPTIONS: VISA/MC/AMEX via our online system, My Music Staff.

PCSM doesn’t guarantee continuity of teachers. Instructors may change at any time due to personal and professional reasons.

Note: When registering with PCSM you are agreeing to our Policy (REQUIRED).

  • Highly trained and experienced instructors (all levels)
  • Private and/ or Group Classes offered daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly (in-school or in-home)
  • In-Home Lessons
  • Multi-instrumental instructors available (we teach 15 different instruments)
  • Instrument Rentals Available
  • Music Therapy & Customizable Curriculums for all levels
  • Online Classes Offered
  • Creative Learning Program for ages 2-5
  • Lessons for Adults
  • Full equipped studios with Pianos and other Instruments

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Park Cities School of Music

Have you been looking for music lessons for your child or yourself? If so, turn to a trusted music school that has a reputation of offering well-balanced instruction from highly trained and experienced teachers. At Park Cities School of Music, we offer a comprehensive list of music lessons to children of all ages and adults throughout the Dallas, University Park, Highland Park, Lakewood, and other surrounding communities. We strive to provide students with a variety throughout their learning experience here at our school. Call us at (214) 455-1477 to request more information!

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