Understanding Assessment

As a working musician, you’re constantly sifting through sheet music & chord charts, maintaining practice regimens, and keeping yourself in top playing shape for one thing — to be able to nail auditions and get a chance to play some highly-prized gigs. 

Everyone here at Park Cities School of Music understands this all too well. Aside from teaching music lessons in Dallas, everyone of us has had to go through the audition process somewhere around the world. Truth be told, we’ve all had successes, but we’ve had our share of failure, too. This is what assessment is all about, though. Even when you don’t do a great job, you at least get feedback about what you need to improve upon.

This is something that all students taking music lessons need to understand is part of the process of being better musicians. As exciting as it is to know that you’ve done a great job, there will be times when what you’re working on isn’t sounding too great. Unfortunately, many students tend to fall into certain traps about their performance which make them feel as though any negative feedback is unwarranted.

The teachers at PCSM have heard it all before, and we get it. Unfortunately, choosing to try & sidestep assessment & constructive criticism from your teacher won’t help you improve as a musician. Just because you played a note doesn’t make it the right note, and just because you played a piece from start to finish (regardless of length), it doesn’t mean it’s time to move on to whatever you want to be next.

Music lessons in Dallas, as with any other big metropolitan area, can feel somewhat cutthroat, but with the right teacher, assessment will make you a much better musician. The key is knowing how to present constructive criticism, which will vary from student to student. The teachers at Park Cities School of Music know that this can be a tough topic for some, but you’re in good hands.


PCSM Instructor

October 16, 2020
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